Thorro Learning

Thorro Learning offers monthly kits and weekend workshops for children in grades 4-10.


The goals of Thorro Learning are to promote 

  • Accelerated learning 

  • Superior Problem Solving & Creativity, and

  • Essential Life Skills including perseverance, confidence, values, resourcefulness, and setting goals. 


How do we do it?

  • Curation: We are all about hands-on activities to promote learning. We evaluate hundreds of available kits abd Curate a handful that meet our criteria. In some cases, we Create our own kits. 

  • Curriculum: We came up with a curriculum called STEM++. The five main areas we cover are Engineering, Communication, Business, Science and Coding. We have detailed videos explaining each of these areas. 

  • Content: We develop booklets, videos, followup questionnaires and self-assessments. These form a solid foundation to each of our classes and kits.

Our focus is not just better grades but to promote skills to succeed post high-school and post college. 


We have come up with a curriculum that meet our three goals of learning, problem solving and developing relevant skills.  The curriculum includes the following areas: Business, Communication, Engineering, Science and Coding.


We host a series of workshops that map to our STEM++ curriculum. Most of our workshops are held in Metuchen or West Windsor, New Jersey. Topics covered include Business, Communication and Engineering.

Middle- and high-school children welcome.

STEM++ Box

STEM++ Box is a subscription box delivered to your door every month. We gamify concepts to promote learning. Topics covered include Business, Communication and Engineering.