Service Providers

Thorro Connect provides you with the ideal platform to showcase your organization. We are a professional networking site based on videos and photos. Our goal is to make it easier for you to stand out and we do this by providing you the tools and platforms to make / share high quality videos.  


Plan for a video series

Each video can touch on a specific topic - some of them talking head helper videos, some that are intro to your company and services, and a handful of behind the scenes videos. Keeping a regular cadence of such videos helps connect with your clients better than through emails or newsletters.


Start with the outline

What do you want to communicate in the video? It could be an intro to your organization - if so, what elements will you touch upon - the history, people, location, type of services you offer, and how to reach you. 


Keep it short

Keeping your video to under a couple of minutes is great, and 5 minutes probably a bit too much! It's important to be clear and concise. 


Leverage external links

Use the video description dialog to include links to relevant content on your site. Could be links to your home page or blog posts or your linkedin page. 


Include a call to action

What is the desired call to action for each video you make? Do you want viewers to sign up for your newsletters, or follow your channel, or get to know the full suite of services you offer? Based on the goals of your video, be sure to insert the appropriate call to action button in your video.


Make it search engine friendly

The video description and overlays are important to be found on social media. Make sure that you understand what key words you are optimizing for, and how those key words are related to your services. 

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