Recent College Grads

Thorro Connect provides you with the ideal platform to showcase your skills and experience.We are a professional networking site based on videos and photos. Our goal is to make it easier for you to stand out and we do this by providing you the tools and platforms to make / share high quality videos.  


Be Natural

Find a location that makes you comfortable - either indoors or outdoors. Be natural, speaking in your regular voice; it's very important that the audio be clear when played back - so make sure it's not too windy or noisy when recording! 


Start with the outline

What do you want to communicate in the video? It could be a video resume that you're making - if so, say the summary version of the resume first, quickly introducing yourself and the outline of the video.


Highlight your skills and experience

Outline your skills, potentially using specific projects as examples - could be coding, instrumentation, economics or financial modeling. It's important to highlight a handful of experiences that has shaped your personality - could be conflict resolution, time management, or working under pressure.


Discuss your awards / honors

This is an important section and apart from honors and awards, also shed light on these - have you played team sports in your college, have you represented your school in inter-school competitions, have you attended an off-the-beaten-path summer school, etc. 


Showcase your hobbies and activities

How seriously do you take your hobbies? If it is serious enough, then definitely showcase them in the video. Could be dancing, ice-skating, or playing a musical instrument. You can even include a clip of yourself performing!  


Be ready to retake...

It is common to do many retakes before getting the right flow, lighting, audio and expressions. Do not get frustrated if your first few attempts need frequent retakes. It's all part of the learning process! 

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