Academic R&D

Thorro Connect provides you with the ideal platform to showcase your work. Highlight the Broader Impacts of your Research in a series of videos. We provide the tools and templates required to plan, film, and share your videos. Here are some attributes you can highlight in your videos.


Technology Advancement

How does your work advance technology to the next level and what does it mean in terms of practical applications?


Economic Competitiveness

Does the country become more competitive because of the invention, and if so how? e.g. job creation, increase in national GDP, birth of a new industry, making communication / transportation more accessible / lower cost, etc.


Health and Security of the Society

How does the society benefit from the advancement? Leverage example applications to highlight specific use cases. 


Fostering Talent

How are you developing the next generation of talent? This includes grad students, undergrads and K-12 outreach programs.


Environmental Sustainability

Does your invention improve sustainability? e.g. reduce / reuse / recycle for materials like plastics, higher efficiency solar cells, high capacity batteries, electric motors, higher efficiency electric lighting / appliances


Broadening STEM Participation

Do you support programs that broaden STEM participation? This includes holding workshops for K-12, promoting diversity, outreach programs with local institutions, etc.

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