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Our Connect platform enables you to upload a series of short videos and share it with relevant folks. We also provide you with templates and best practices while making these videos. Join  the 100s of creators who are using our platform to get better visibility and achieve success. 

academic R&D

Showcase your research via short videos - demonstrate broader impact on society. Get more visibility and attention to your publications, research articles and patents


Create video resumes and video updates to highlight your skills and experience. Stand out from the crowd while applying for positions, be it full time roles or internships!

recent college grads

Use your video profile to get access to new opportunities - e.g. job postings even before they are officially posted online...

Academic R&D

Highlight the Broader Impacts of your Research in a series of short videos

Showcase your research, showing the advancements it provides over prior work, and highlight the challenges / efforts involved in putting the body of work together. Summarize the broader impact on society and why ongoing funding is critical for continued progress. 

Profile the researchers involved in the research, and show behind the scenes efforts like the office or lab space where they do their work. 

Link to your IP and publications, with an option for viewers to add comments to your videos.


Looking for full time opportunities or internships? Uploading a video resume gets you the attention of recruiters from leading Fortune 500 Companies. Stand out from the crowd by explaining why you are an ideal candidate for the role, and what skills you bring to the table. We give you tips and templates to plan out your video resumes.




Keeping your video profile updated gives you a great shot at being the first to know about upcoming opportunities in your area, even before a formal job is posted online...



Video profiles are a great way to connect with your potential users, especially the younger generation that prefers doing an online diligence before picking up the phone to call...

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