Thorro Advisory

Strategy and Vision Setting

We help organizations evaluate micro markets to identify trends, and we also help implement the introduction of new products / services quickly to test various ideas. We balance data vs intuition in going after new markets and when launching new products. Recent examples include:

  • helping a F100 company with evaluating adjacent growth areas and coming up with ways to enter them (organic vs inorganic)

  • helping a manufacturing company evaluate the impact of ecommerce on their growth, and what technology / org changes are needed to adapt

Business Models

A Business Model (BM) indicates how an organization creates, delivers and captures value. We explore how to use business models as a way to achieve growth. Examples include:

  • reducing bottlenecks to adoption of a new high cost product by introducing leasing,  

  • revenue sharing with licensing partners on yet-to-be-proven but promising IP, 

  • identifying ways to platformize offerings rather than being tied a single product

Hands on Workshops

We offer hands on workshops for executives around strategy setting, product roadmapping and innovation. A recent example is helping a manufacturing giant evaluate priorities, size them by value creation, and prioritize them; we then used the outputs from this exercise to set long term goals and metrics for the business unit.

Novel Technologies

Emerging technologies can  be a leverage for growth but when left unexplored can result in market leaders losing their competitive edge. We keep tabs on dozens of emerging technologies. We work with CXOs routinely to share our perspectives on which technology can be immediately leveraged, how to go about bringing it into the organization, and whether to look at strategic acquisitions related to the technology. 

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Our Work



Over the past decade, we have heard much about the promise of graphene. Academic research has exploded and exciting new applications have been demonstrated. However, there is little discussion of the business opportunities arising from graphene. In this article, we present an overview of Graphene, discuss its applications, and give an outline of some challenges that need to be overcome before Graphene is widely commercialized....



Retailing is at an inflection point; for brick-and-mortar retailers, it is a time of immense change and new competition. The competition is no longer the store in the same town but it could be any store with an online presence. For brands and brand-owners, it is a time to consider expansion into business models like direct to consumer and forging relationships with online retailers.  The time is also ripe for a new crop of online-only players and private labels to expand into...



 A Business Model (BM) indicates how an organization creates, delivers and captures value. Novel BMs can be a source of competitive advantage, and even disrupt an industry. In fact, BMs may have a more strategic implication than other forms of innovation like novel technology. A business model is different from strategy. The former relates to value creation while the latter is about how to position competitively..



Bitcoin was created as a digital currency, with blockchain being the underlying technology. Blockchain removes the need for a centralized intermediary, and establishes a different way to make transactions trustworthy – by using a decentralized ledger. In a traditional bank prior to the digital age, a physical ledger would have been used to record transactions, giving way to digital ledgers that are fully under the bank’s control. A public ledger on the other hand is not owned by any one bank or...



Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an electronic system to identify and track tags through the use of radio waves. These tags can be attached to various assets like manufactured goods, spare parts, and even humans, and impact a variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. The global market for RFID is currently at about $12 billion USD. North America is the ...

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Messaging apps such as Whatsapp and  Facebook Messenger have surpassed online social networks in terms of number of active users and time spent per user on the platform. Messaging businesses should be as seamless as messaging friends, and thus the effort is on to enable a frictionless b2c messaging system. The challenge is how to keep this messaging one-to-one while also keeping the cost low for businesses. 

About Our Founder


Our founder, Raghu Murali, has served as the MP at Thorro since 2015.  His passion lies in ideating and implementing new business platforms that leverage emerging technologies and new business models. Raghu was previously at McKinsey and Georgia Tech. His past work includes:

  • Helping a conglomerate strategize and implement an advanced technology platform with the goal of providing additional revenue growth

  • Designing and implementing a margin allocation process at a F500 company to enable the business turn insights into business opportunities

  • Developing and implementing a major sourcing transformation at a global packaging company

  • Defining the R&D strategy for a biotech company to tradeoff short term vs. long term R&D investments and growth