• What is Rackery? Rackery is an app that helps you find the right fit and size when shopping online for clothes. Fit is a significant bottleneck in online apparel shopping, and we tackle this problem head-on. Rackery includes a search engine to find well fitting brands – it is the first consumer facing platform to search across 100+ brands and recommend specific sizes and fits based on algorithmic analysis of your selfies.


  • How to use Rackery – users upload 2 selfies to the Rackery app, and our algorithms recommend well-fitting brands along with size and fit. 

  • Technology - Rackery is heavily technology driven – a combination of an extensive size database, an advanced tool to assess measurements from photos, and a matching engine to recommend the right sizes to a user.

  • Value prop: Our value prop to brands and retailers include: brand discovery, higher customer satisfaction, customer reacquisition and lowered costs. 

  • Current Status: Rackery was online from 2016-2018 and had over 50K active users. It is no longer online - its management owns the IP rights, and is exploring whether to make this a crowd-supported platform when it brings it back online.

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The "fit" bottleneck

Size charts need you users to know their body measurements; users may not know this or not have a measuring tape handy. In addition, vanity sizing has led to much confusion, especially in women's apparel. Size / fit issue is a leading reason why more than 20% of apparel sold via e-commerce is returned. 


How to use Rackery 

Users upload 2 selfies, and our algorithms digitally measure the user based on their selfies. We then recommend well-fitting brands along with a size recommendation and a fit rating. All this within a few minutes - no need for a measuring tape or looking through size charts. 

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We released our first app in May 2016, on both iOS and Android, and have received great feedback, including ~50K user signups and media coverage. Rackery's tech IP includes:

  • Brand database of over 100+ brands including their multitude of sizes and fits 

  • PhotoFit – ground breaking software that we developed to analyze users' photos and convert them to 3D models 

  • Matching algorithms that provide recommendations to users based on body measurements, demographics, and user style preferences


Value Proposition

  • Brand discovery: users are shown a range of well fitting brands, thereby promoting brand discovery. 

  • Customer reacquisition: new fits / styles from a brand presented to users already familiar with that brand (based on an intelligent matching algorithm)

  • Customer satisfaction: increased trust and reduced frustration with the improved “fit” confidence

  • Reduced costs: reduced returns and reduced need for customer support. More efficient marketing spend: exposure to highly targeted customer base

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