STEM++ Curriculum

At Thorro Learning, we have defined a path-breaking new curriculum called STEM++.

Why a new one when there are so many STEM-based curricula out there?

We looked long and hard at the existing curricula and could not find a holistic one that taught not just STEM but also how to apply them to every day life, how to design various things (physical objects or software), how to communicate their value, etc etc. Thus we have come out with a curriculum called STEM++ that goes beyond traditional STEM. 

The specific topics we handle in STEM++ are shown in the diagram. Each of these topics forms the foundation to our kits. Each of our kits also hits upon a number of areas from our Triangle of Learning that we defined in a previous post. 

We have detailed videos explaining each of the STEM++ areas - take a look and let us know that you think! 

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