Essential Life Skills

At Thorro Learning, we have been thinking about what are the essential life skills that children should develop from their early years to be successful in life? Success here means not just better grades in school but a more long-term view – e.g. post college, while at work (promotions, pay increments), at home (stable personal lives), and personal lives (health, happiness).

We interviewed educators, parents, and academics on this and shortlisted a set of skills that we believe are most essential. Following this exercise, we then categorized these skills into four groups:

  • Foundational skills

  • Essential skills

  • Creative skills

  • Leadership skills

Each category builds on the one below it. Not all skills in each category are needed before a child goes to the next level. We organized these skills and categories into a "Learning Triangle," also called the "Triangle of Essential Life Skills." 

This triangle is used as a guide when we come up with new kits or course material. We ask ourselves if we are developing multiple skills in the learning triangle, and which ones to prioritize for a given kit.

At the broader level, the triangle of learning is meant to provide educators a well defined structure to design their content and course materials.

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