Behind the Scenes at Thorro Learning

We give you a sneak peek at how we prototype our kits.

There are 3 principles behind each of our kits. Each kit should: 

  • Should let you tackle interesting problems

  • Should enable you to learn relevant concepts

  • Should go beyond Math and Science - e.g. into Business and Communication

We usually evaluate hundreds of different ideas before deciding on one for our kit. Those few that make it to the top, we first sketch them on paper before prototyping them.

When we decide the kits we need to trade off between open endedness and ease of assembly. Then, we need to decide what material to use in the kit- for example - metal, wood, plastic, plywood, cardboard, foam, etc. Then we prototype the kit with our in-house large bed laser cutter. Once we get the prototypes ready we test it with users and iterate on the design.

What do we do when we are taking a break? Of course, play with our robot!

Once it's all done, its ready to be sent to you!

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