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$75.00 workshop

The Engineering module covers four main topics:

  • Design

  • Mechanics

  • Materials

  • Manufacturing


1. Design excellence blends principles from science and engineering with creativity to bring out highly functional and usable widgets. Let us say I’m trying to come out with a new type of wallet. I need to think about

  • who is the user of the wallet,

  • what does it need to do beyond carrying cash and cards,

  • how much will I sell it for,

  • These questions in turn will lead me to ideas around

  • how big it needs to be,

  • what material to make it out of,

  • how to make it,

  • which colors to use, and so on.

Children will go through a 1-week design project that will dove-tail into a later part of the course.

2. Mechanics: introduces kids to the world of mechanical movements using a hands-on project. With the project, we look at gears, pulleys, levers, joints, designing simple mechanical systems, and 3D Modeling.

3. Materials:  using a mini project, we cover basic material types including wood, metal, and plastics. We look at how to select among these materials for a given use case. And then go on to look at other materials like MDF, composites, and concrete, including their applications.

4. Manufacturing:  we let children design their own things in a mini project - this could be a toy or jewelry or art work. We take a subset of their designs and fabricate it using our in house laser cutter. We then compare laser cutting with CNC routing to show them the tradeoffs. Children get to take home what they designed - a great way to showcase their creativity and learning.  

Engineering 1 will focus more on Design and Materials. Engineering 2 will have a mix of all four modules and a mini project. 



  • Choose session based on grade level 

  • Sessions run 5 days a week, M-F, for the weeks mentioned; from 2-330pm

  • Refunds allowed up to 7 days before class starts; no transfers or make-ups