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$75.00 workshop

Business 1 and Business 2 build entrepreneurship and financial literacy from an early age. Some modules we cover include money, basic economics and launching a business.

  • Money and money flow: we look at concepts such as the origin of money, paychecks, interest rate, the concept of credit, credit cards, loans, saving and investing. We use board games and other games to convey the concepts.

  • Business economics: laws of supply and demand, pricing, costing, and international currencies. We use real life case studies in this section.

  • Launching your own business: We look at the various parts from thinking about what the product is, producing it, pricing it, and promoting it. We do this in a hands-on way where each team gets to build their own company and product. Thorro hopes to enable the next generation of entrepreneurs using such hands-on learning methods.


  • Session is from 2-3:30pm

  • Sessions run 5 days a week, M-F, for the weeks mentioned

  • Refunds allowed up to 7 days before class starts; no transfers or make-ups