We have come up with a curriculum called STEM++. While developing the curriculum, we looked ways for students to appreciate science, math and language concepts as applied to the real world. Examples include Units and Measurements, Elements and Materials, and Creative Writing.

In parallel, we assessed what knowledge is needed for developing relevant skills, not just post high school but also post college. This led us to identify basic skills needed around business, communication, and design / engineering.
Talking to computers has become the norm and it is absolutely essential to develop skills around coding.

Thus we landed on the five pillars of STEM++: Engineering, Science, Business, Communication and Coding. Here are these topics in more detail. 


 Using design principles, math and science to become creative.


We cover Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine. 


Building financial literacy from an early age is important for kids. 


We focus on written and verbal skills, planning out content, and coming up with good structure.


We start with basic concepts around algorithms using  multi-player games.