About us

Our founder, Raghu Murali, has served as the managing partner at Thorro since 2015.  His passion lies in ideating and implementing new business platforms that leverage emerging technologies and new business models. Raghu was previously at McKinsey and Georgia Tech. His past work includes:

  • Helping a conglomerate strategize and implement an advanced technology platform with the goal of providing additional revenue growth

  • Designing and implementing a margin allocation process at a F500 company to enable the business turn insights into business opportunities

  • Developing and implementing a major sourcing transformation at a global packaging company

  • Defining the R&D strategy for a biotech company to tradeoff short term vs. long term R&D investments and growth


Raghu is also involved in startup incubation efforts at Thorro which includes conceptualizing, building, and launching an e-commerce search engine – Rackery – for finding the right fitting clothes (involved extensive product development, released in 2016). He is also building the brains of a robot that can sense and act in a variety of environments (platform building in progress).

Prior to McKinsey, Raghu worked on Graphene and nanomaterials R&D for close to a decade and published a book on “Graphene Nanoelectronics”. He has authored more than 30 peer reviewed publications, and has been a recipient of grants from the National Science Foundation and the Semiconductor Research Consortium. Raghu holds a PhD from Georgia Tech (Atlanta).